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Special Events

Western Century is one of the leading special event insurance providers on the internet, and the program we offer is available exclusively to our clients. Our program has been designed to meet the needs of venues and facilities that require their event holders to secure their own insurance coverage. We want to help make it easy and affordable to insure your next event by providing exceptional coverage with low premiums and high limits. Why take the risk, get the coverage you need with our low cost special event insurance at Western Century today!

Our Premiums: Affordable... Actually, Unbeatable

Our insurance premiums start at $75 and provide $2,000,000 in coverage, including host liquor liability. You won't find more comprehensive special event coverage at a lower rate anywhere.

Instant Quote - Instantaneously

Finding quality special event insurance for your next event just got a lot easier. With our quick and easy online quote feature, you can have access to the event insurance coverage you need in a matter of minutes.

Your Priorities

Your special event may be "just" a simple wedding celebration or a small fundraiser; however, any special event can be spoiled without proper prior planning. An event host must thoroughly identify and evaluate the costs of risk and potential pitfalls associated with the special event and then manage both appropriately and efficiently. Purchasing special event insurance is one way to lessen those risks and keep your assets safe.

Our Team

Our special event insurance is administered by a broker licensed in all fifty states, making us one of the most expansive, yet cost effective, special event liability insurance providers in the United States. Our sales and service staff will make sure you and your event get the hands on treatment you deserve. Specializing in liability insurance for events, property damage insurance and special event insurance, our team of dedicated insurance professionals have one goal: to keep your next event safe and provide you with affordable special event insurance without cutting any corners.